Strategic Sourcing Client Case Studies

Nitor assesses gaps and implements change across the Source-to-Pay spectrum covering people, process and technology.   

  •  Diesel Fuel Case study detailing how Nitor drove over $3MM in savings by leveraging a cross-category strategic sourcing strategy and creating multi-year agreements to manage future cost risk exposure and build long-term supplier relationships. 
  • General Equipment Rental - Nitor delivered up to 21% savings across multiple client projects, resulting from inclusion of 3rd party contracts, consolidating the supply base, establishing fixed rate cards to address total cost of ownership and developing a standardized pricing structure.
  • Industrial Cleaning - Learn how Nitor delivered 22% savings for this core category by consolidating the supply base, standardizing pricing and commercial terms and establishing a supplier rebate program.
  • Procurement Processes - Nitor transformed the procurement organization by implementing category management and strategic sourcing programs, consolidating the supply base and standardizing agreements across the organization delivering over $6MM in savings. 
  • Security Guard Services - Case study demonstrating how Nitor increased security, reduced risk, delivered an 8% savings value and standarized the rate structure in this category.
  • Temporary Labor Services- Detailed report covering how Nitor used strategic sourcing to deliver 7% - 15% savings across multiple client projects related to supplemental employee staffing.
  • Tires - Learn how Nitor consolidated the supply base, standardized the pricing structure and streamlined processes to deliver $6MM in savings for this actively managed core expense category.

Each case study details:

  • Supply Change Management challenges related to: spend management, Business Process Outsourcing, strategic sourcing, supplier management, contracting, and change management.
  • Methodologies used to assess and implement change with each client related to people, process and technology in the Procure-to-Pay life cycle.
  • Quantified results.  This is where Nitor really shines - demonstrated cost savings across all spend categories.

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