Our Inaugural Address...

A new year, a new president and new supply chain impacts.Copy of The Nitor Network sm.png

With the election of President Trump, big changes are on the horizon. What does this mean for supply chain professionals and the supply chain industry as a whole?

It appears that the foundation of Trump’s administration is an isolationist approach, further cemented by an “America First” ideology. In this episode we examine how the Trump administration’s isolationist approach will impact three key areas and make the greatest immediate impact. First we will discuss the administrations immigration policy and its parallels with Brexit, we then will transition to examining multi-national trade agreements such as TPP, and NAFTA, and finally we will close by discussing the administration’s energy policy, specifically focusing on an energy independent United States.

We’d like to give a special thanks to our guests, Sean Sollitto and Dr. Jason Jackson.

Sean has over 20 years of global procurement technology and operations experience across various industry verticals. While with British Petroleum Global Procurement Management, Sean oversaw procurement and contract sourcing strategy and execution, supplier management, and demand management. As a Consultant with American Express, Sean led a Source-to-Pay transformation and improved supply chain resilience with sustainable results.

Dr. Jason Jackson is a full-time Operations Management and Supply Chain Management professor in Kaplan University’s School of Business. He leads the Supply Chain Management program, where Kaplan University has partnered with ERPsim Labs at HEC Montreal, Canada; and is a recognized member of the global SAP University Alliance. Jason was a Major in the United States Air Force, serving honorably for 15 years as an aviator and acquisitions expert in 65 countries during both humanitarian and combat operations. In 2013, Dr. Jason Jackson developed the original theory, The Grounded Theory of Information Overload Executive Coping Mechanisms.