The Nitor Network Podcast Series

Join our host, Trevor Parus, a self proclaimed "procurement nerd" with a passion for examining global events and howCopy of The Nitor Network sm.png they impact Supply Chain Management.  With deep roots in the worlds of politics, government, finance, economics and procurement, Trevor has a well-developed yet inquisitive perspective on news and its impact on supply chain.

Guaranteed to provide fresh perspective and insight, deep understanding and original thoughts to ponder on an array of procurement topics, join Trevor on The Nitor Network podcast.


e03 Supplier Diversity: Moral or Business Issue?

Supplier diversity is seen as both a moral as well as a business issue.  How can these two concepts compliment each other while defying any preconceived stigmas?  

e02 Is The TPP Dead?

Through Executive Order and the stroke of the pen, President Trump fulfilled one of his biggest campaign promises, removing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

e01 Our Inaugural Address Podcast

A new year, a new president and new supply chain impacts. With the election of President Trump, big changes are on the horizon. What does this mean for supply chain professionals and the supply chain industry as a whole?

e00 Pilot: We Introduce Ourselves  

On The Nitor Network we are going to analyze global news and discuss how it impacts the world economy from a supply chain point of view.  It is truly mind-boggling how often each of us interacts with various supply chains on a daily basis.