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Suppliers today have a more direct impact on your company's revenue, its products, AND customer satisfaction than ever before.  In today's market, supplier management cannot be an afterthought, it must be front and center for every procurement team and it should be a big part of every CPO's Strategic Agenda for 2022.

This webinar features Ardent Partners' founder and Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, and procurement experts Paul Recchia and Sean Sollitto, as they discuss the importance of supplier management to CPOs in 2022 and what is needed to build and manage a top program, including

  • Hear the latest research trends on Supplier Management
  • Understand how CPOs are prioritizing Supplier Management
  • Learn the key elements in establishing a comprehensive 360-degree view of supplier performance, fraud, and risk.
  • Gain actionable strategies to develop a Best-in-Class Supplier Management Program