Realize the Full Potential of Your SAP Ariba Solutions

SAP Ariba Admin, Sourcing & Contract Helpdesk, Master Data Management, Reporting & Dashboards

SAP Ariba Sustainment Services 

We recognize our clients' need for support before, during and after their SAP Ariba implementation projects.  Nitor's team of highly experienced and certified consultants is ready to provide support in a number of areas, including:

  • SAP Ariba System Administration
  • Sourcing Helpdesk
  • Contracts Helpdesk
  • Master Data Management
  • Reporting and Dashboard Configuration 

SAP Ariba Administration

It has taken our team years of practice to achieve the level of solution experience required to maintain SAP Ariba systems. You shouldn't expect your team to pick up that knowledge in a few months. Our functional and technical experts stand ready to be your administration team, performing routine maintenance and system changes while you get ready for the challenge. Engagements may run from 3-9 months, with a blend of onsite, offsite or offshore resources. Our goal is not to replace your team – we are here to help you come up to speed while we perform the routine tasks required to drive adoption. We will work side by side with your administration team, teaching and coaching so that we can eventually turn the reins over to you.

Contracts Helpdesk

What to do with all of those legacy contracts sitting in file cabinets or in an old system? How can you ever get them in to SAP Ariba? Our experts have the capabilities to complete this task, from scanning documents to configuring master data and creating bulk load templates. Let Nitor help you get the most out of your SAP Ariba system by loading contracts for reporting and compliance. We can also help setup Contract Line Item Detail files to operationalize your contracts. After all, if you aren’t buying off your contracts, are you really hitting those savings targets? We have the experience to setup contract compliance processes between SAP Ariba Contracts and SAP Ariba Buying & Invoicing, increasing adoption and compliance.

Sourcing Helpdesk

Need help getting started with your SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite? Not sure how best to approach category management and event projects? Let the experts guide you. Nitor can supply experienced Category Management and Sourcing professionals to run individual sourcing events on your behalf, or even take over entire categories while you enjoy the savings. Maybe you need to find a way to self-fund your program? We’ve got you covered there too. Nitor will analyze your spend, identify category opportunities and then run events to create savings that will fund your technology purchase. Nitor’s Sourcing Helpdesk team can also offer event-day support for RFx or Auctions. Need a few new category specific event templates created? Forgot how to update the sourcing content library? Nitor has the support you need. We can run events in your system or ours.

Master Data Management

The foundation for your SAP Ariba system is master data – without it your system simply won’t work. Are your users struggling to find the items they need, having to update cost centers constantly, or creating new suppliers because they can’t find the one they need? These are typical problems that Nitor can fix. We can create custom procurement taxonomies that map back to GL codes and UNSPSC – making you the hero. Removing supplier duplicates and creating true parent/child vendor hierarchies may seem out of reach, but not with Nitor’s sustainment services. This is what we do. All day, every day.

Reporting and Dashboard Configuration

How many times have you heard it – “Just send me an Excel report, I can’t find what I need in that system!”  We have too, and we know how to make it go away. Let us create custom dashboards within your SAP Ariba system that pulls data from compound reports, creating the visibility your management is screaming for. With over 100 SAP Ariba deployments under our belt, we know what needs to be in the report, where to get it and how best to organize it across user-specific dashboards.

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