Cleveland clinic white paper

Global Business Transformation

As an innovator, Cleveland Clinic has a specific vision of the future of healthcare. Built on the principle of providing care “Today”, Cleveland Clinic foresees not only continued medical facility acquisition, but also serving patients across many channels, in hundreds of locations across a vast physical and digital healthcare network.

As a result, the Global Business Transformation (GBT) Initiative was formed. A key aspect of this operational transformation is the enhancement and transformation of people, process, and technology within the global supply chain. 

GBT was tasked to deliver on six very specific outcomes to enable this vision:

1. Agility. The ability to find information quickly and pivot to demands easily.

2. Integration. Support a global network, ensuring all users are working with the same information.

3. Insights. Understand the story told by the data and leverage this data to guide decision making.

4. Digitization. The world simply demands it. Mobile. Cloud. Accessible.

5. Affordability. Imagine a limitless capability. The solutions need to consider scale and innovation.

6. User story. Enable the caregivers. Do not hinder them with more tasks. The program spans all administrative areas of Cleveland Clinic.

Nitor has and is, supporting Cleveland Clinic in the achievement of transformation within the Supply Chain and Finance areas. Nitor is so proud to be a part of this vision. As a Cleveland-based company, we have the unique honor of being both a patient and now a strategic partner to Cleveland Clinic.

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cc white paper


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