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The Nitor App Center offers apps to drive efficiency, accuracy and leverage custom SAP Cloud Analytics reporting within the SAP Ariba environment. 








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Nitor CONNECT integrates SAP Ariba and Microsoft Teams to create a hub for team collaboration, communication, and file storage.  Streamlining chats, training materials and documents to create efficiency and support compliance in the source-to-settle process.

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Insights Powered by Nitor

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INSIGHTS Powered by Nitor performs advanced analytics with Nitor's best practice or custom interactive reports using SAP Cloud Analytics.  Automate reporting functions to reduce manual processing, combine data from multiple sources for analysis and reporting and take advantage of SAP Cloud Analytics.

Nitor Data Assure


Nitor DATA ASSURE validates supplier information without human interaction.  In one step, you will validate all supplier information to ensure data is clean and accurate.  Nitor DATA ASSURE prepares data for integration into your ERP. Watch demo here.

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Nitor DataAssure
Nitor Connector for SAP Ariba & Qualtrics XM Solutions

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Seamless SAP Ariba and Qualtrics XM for Suppliers integration.  Trigger customized supplier surveys and collect feedback from SAP Ariba. 



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Sean Sollitto leads the SAP team at Nitor. Sean manages and designs technology solutions, contract and supplier management programs, supply chain finance projects and training sessions for SAP clients.