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Nitor leverages over 19 years of procurement process and technology experience to develop solutions tailored to the business model of each client.  With a thorough understanding of client needs, Nitor’s Coupa-certified professionals configure, deploy, integrate and train on every aspect of the spend management solution.  Together, Nitor and Coupa will transform your Procurement organization by driving value across all aspects of people, process, and technology.

Nitor's proven integrated approach of building strategic process capability, implementing technology, and providing layered training to end-users, transforms Procurement organizations into teams that provide consistent strategic value creation and supplier management across all categories.

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Procurement Transformation with Coupa Power Apps

Your Procurement organization will realize immediate cost savings and increased compliance with Nitor's approach to utilizing the Coupa Power Apps.  It all begins with developing your spend analysis capabilities using AIC with a global taxonomy to provide deep insights into category spend for savings opportunities and prioritization. 

With the dynamic segmentation models Nitor builds to modulate the sourcing project workflow approach (Full, Lite, Quick) based on the defined intake criteria, CSO can now be leveraged for ALL categories to enable a single sourcing environment.  Nitor builds RFx templates with CSO guidelines to provide execution consistency to aid the review of phase outputs and award recommendations.

With CLMA, optimized contract management is achieved through improving template agreements, developing fallback clauses and enabling the contracting process. Nitor enables Coupa Risk Aware and Assess segmentation and methodology to drive proactive management and Coupa SIM for effective onboarding and vendor maintenance.

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