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Partnering to EMPOWER clients since 2013

Together, Nitor and Ivalua's complete source-to-pay solution will transform your Procurement Organization by driving value across people, processes, and technologies.  Nitor leverages the Ivalua platform to identify, create, and capture value with contracts and compliant buying and invoicing.

Nitor's experienced Ivalua-certified professionals configure, deploy, integrate, and train on every aspect of the Ivalua solution.


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Solution Areas

Nitor develops and executes strategic sourcing strategies, achieving a 360-degree view of all supplier information and procurement analytics to maximize sourcing outcomes and ensure contract compliance.

Ivalua’s procure-to-pay (P2P) solution is essential to capturing the value created in the upstream process.

Working capital initiatives can synergize your digital procurement transformation and maximize your organization’s potential through an integrated operational improvement program. Getting the best return on your organization’s capital is the key driver to sustainable value creation. 

At Nitor, we know the biggest challenge public sector procurement organizations face is balancing fairness, process, and transparency while utilizing taxpayer dollars to maximize value. Technology has opened doors for governments to more efficiently issue requests for proposals and source appropriate vendors, allowing them to be more cost-effective and focused on the strategic goals of a contract.

Nitor Public Sector Procurement Services:

  • State emergency planning and deployment
  • Maximize efficiency by minimizing paper processes and leveraging automation and technology

  • Modernize user experience for the states, counties and suppliers

  • Reduce risk while ensuring transparency and control

  • Scale for future growth by creating a blueprint for future state end-to-end processes and deliver quick value

Case Study

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State of Maryland
Case Study


Cleveland Clinic
Case Study


US Foods
Case Study




Jaideep Mulchandani

For more information about our partnership, please contact Jaideep.

Jaideep Mulchandani leads the Ivalua team at Nitor. Jaideep manages client relationships and leads procurement technology projects ensuring client business objectives are met.



Doug Justus

For more information about Change Management Solutions, please contact Doug.

Doug Justus leads Nitor’s Change Management practice and brings over 30 years of experience in organizational development and change management leadership. His experience in creating and executing enterprise change initiatives combined with his expertise in developing leaders and improving productivity at all levels of the organization ensures a holistic view of change and growth.