The Keys to SAP Ariba Supplier Enablement

SAP Ariba Supplier Enablement Services

Nitor has successfully onboarded thousands of SAP Ariba suppliers from all over the world over the past 17 years.  This expertise has been harnessed to create an effective and proven Supplier Enablement Program built on developing management, resources, planning, communications and training to:

Maximize Supplier Use of Standard Accounts

For buying organizations that are struggling to achieve supplier adoption of the SAP Ariba Network, Nitor can assist by reintroducing the Standard Account feature and performing Network configurations to enable or migrate suppliers to the appropriate account type.

Reduce Escalated Suppliers

A common challenge with Supplier Enablement projects, the “Escalated Supplier” list grows exponentially. Nitor’s team will work through the list – contacting suppliers on behalf of our clients, explaining the program value ad ultimately getting them enabled.

Fully Integrate Top Tier Suppliers

Nitor will review your list of suppliers through spend file and buying channel analysis to target your most important trading relationships. Nitor resources will work with your team and the supplier organizations to identify enablement and integration opportunities, and then execute on that strategy.

Enable your Local Market

In market resources to manage and execute supplier enablement programs away from the home office. Large, multi-national projects that require diverse enablement resources in multiple locations.

Supplier Enablement Program Management

Nitor builds the infrastructure and support system necessary to enable and support both you and your suppliers.  Nitor supports overall program leadership and governance through:

Coordination between the client and SAP Ariba Supplier Enablement teams

Program tracking and tie-back to your procurement transformation program

Issue escalation and resolution management

Resource balancing and governance

Supplier Enablement Resources

The Supplier Enablement Program support:
Program Lead

to manage SE project, execute on the wave strategy, communicate on behalf of client to SAP Ariba and suppliers

Program Analyst

will support the client SE team, execute wave plans and participate in supplier enablement calls, as well as represent the functional side of the enablement program

Change Management Analyst

creates and manages supplier communications, develops training content for suppliers, conducts training workshops for suppliers

Supplier Outreach Analyst

supports the client SE team by reaching out to escalated suppliers to bring them into the program, supports the wave execution

Technical Analyst

supports technical integration of large suppliers to the SAP Ariba Network and supports the SAP Ariba Buyer Integrator team, represents the technical configuration of the client’s SAP Ariba system

Supplier Enablement Planning

"Planning your work and working your Plan", is key for Supplier Enablement.  The right planning will ensure Supplier Enablement success. 

The Supplier Enablement Program starts with a Supplier Master Data Review to identify the source of truth for supplier data, review duplicate supplier records, and identify supplier data owners.  This lays the foundation for Supplier Data Management Strategy Design to design parent/child relationships for supplier records, identify data fields to share between SAP Ariba and the ERP as well as unique IDs for suppliers, then map the data flow (creation, modification, governance).  Nitor will then work with internal data and buyer organizations to compile supplier data for loading and normalizing data and removing duplicates with Data Gathering and Cleansing.  We are then ready for Enablement Strategy and Wave Planning Design. This phase designs a business-led wave plan for enabling suppliers, identifying enablement methods based on buying channel and spend analysis and documenting a multi-phase wave plan to validate with SAP Ariba.  Finally, we conduct Enablement Team Structure Design and Development to identify project resource needs and client resource capabilities and availability.  We then move to train the client team or acquire capable resources.



Supplier Enablement Communications

An effective supplier communication strategy is designed to drive consistent messaging (i.e., key messages).   Communication is key, and we ensure all bases are covered by implementing; Strategy Design of an internal and external communications plan and coordination with the project team, client corporate communications and SAP Ariba. Development of Project Notifications, Trading Partner Requests, and Enablement Updates, using Nitor templates to speed development, and Execution of the Communications Strategy, delivering both internal and external communications throughout the program.

Supplier Enablement Training

Business transformation starts and ends with people.  While technology and process are essential for true transformation, helping suppliers adapt and embrace change is the key to sustainable success. At Nitor, our change management strategies create an intentional and structured approach to address the impacts to your suppliers and moves them to an effective transacting process. Strategies include:

Training Strategy Design

Building internal and external training materials

Executing client buyer training sessions – how to interact with suppliers once enabled

Executing supplier training sessions – group and individual

Coordinate with SAP Ariba to deliver aligned supplier training

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