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the power of true liquidity positioning and forecasting

Watch now to discover how to make better, strategically-informed decisions about liquidity.
  • Connectivity to Banks, ERPs and other systems to automatically aggregate data
  • Truly integrated workflows in one application tied to positioning and forecasting
  • Educating and influencing stakeholders that rely on daily, weekly, monthly liquidity positions to make decisions
  • Prioritizing recommendations to drive focus, phasing and resource allocation
  • Managed execution of the transformation roadmap to provide value / savings



We would like to give a special thank you to our guest Jeff Scott.


Jeff Scott brings over 15 years of experience in Finance, Treasury and Banking Operations. Jeff was recognized as an early leader in the emerging Fintech ecosystem and has a proven track record of successful strategic transformations. Jeff’s tactical expertise revolves around Strategic Program Management, Change Management, Working Capital Optimization and M&A.

Jeff has held executive roles with Fortune 500 companies, Private Equity firms and startups. Jeff led two companies through strategic transformations, including overhauling finance and treasury operations, assessments and the implementation of Working Capital transformations.