Working Capital ebook

Working Capital Ebook (1)


Download Nitor’s Working Capital EBook to learn how to initiate and deliver an effective working capital program, including:

  • How to gain agreement on goals, technology investment and the willingness to adapt. The overarching goals from Procurement, Finance and Treasury are simple: strong supplier relationships, operational efficiency and strategic value. With agreement of objectives, the right technology and change management efforts, all needs can be met and adopted.
  • How to evaluate and choose the right option for your organization. When looking to optimize your working capital and keep procurement, finance, and treasury aligned, you have a whole host of options at your disposal. By combining different approaches to best address different segments of your supplier base, you can craft a comprehensive strategy to leverage your spend with suppliers. At the same time, you can optimize your cash on hand and hit your discount-based savings goals. But technology alone isn’t enough.
  • How to ensure adoption and sustainment of the working capital program. One person cannot simply do it alone. Achieving project success within your organization requires a team, a plan, and the leadership to effectively coordinate work efforts. Only when these elements are in place can you follow your approach, execute the options at your disposal, and then unlock project benefits on behalf of your entire organization. This means getting stakeholder buy-in both across your organization and with targeted suppliers.